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Asset Finance

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What is Asset Finance?


When considering asset finance options, ask yourself:

  • How much capital do I need to grow my business?
  • How is my cashflow?
  • Are there tax benefits to asset finance?
  • How long will I need the equipment and will I need to upgrade it?
  • What impact is technology having on my industry?
  • Do I want to ‘finance to own’ or ‘finance to return’ my asset?

Ensuring you have the right asset finance for your business needs is essential and can allow you to focus on what you do best; your business. Having the right asset finance can help avoid headaches like owning outdated equipment, avoiding huge upfront capital expenditure whilst maximizing the best tax outcomes.

We take into account your business and provide advice on what will best suit your needs. We can literally assist with finance from used gym equipment right the way through to heavy machinery & more!

There are three main categories of asset finance which are:

Chattel Mortgage

The easiest way to think about it, Chattel mortgages are the same as secured car loans but used for assets purchased for business use. Similar to a car loan, the lender will provide the funds for you to purchase the equipment and you will, therefore, own that equipment. The lender then takes a ‘mortgage’ over the assets as security. After paying out the loan, you’ll own the asset.

Finance Lease

A finance lease is often used to secure equipment for a set period. The equipment is financed excluding GST and will have a balloon payment (set final payment) at the end of the contract period. After paying the final balloon payment you will own the equipment.

Novated Lease

If you want to include a vehicle in your salary package, a Novated Lease can help. The financier owns the asset, while you and your employer sign a novation agreement to share the responsibilities of the loan. If you are interested in a Novated Lease, talk to your HR department for options.

Often there are tax advantages and additional benefits that may better suit your business. We recommend double-checking.

Use our calculators to help you crunch the numbers

Getting your ideal home loan

However unique your situation is, we’d love to chat with you. Our expert Fundd team will provide valuable insight and start to tailor your loan. Essentially we are lending problem solvers and together with our marketing leading technology, we will find the loan for you.

On the odd occasion, we’re unable to help and we’ll let you know if that’s the case.

Positive: Professionalism , Responsiveness Brodie and the team got us the best deal and made it easy. They are highly knowledgeable, efficient and understood what we needed. A pleasure to do business with.
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Kym Szwedzicki
01. We get to know each other

We discuss your financial situation and finance needs. We provide detail on how to help and move you forward.

02. We find the right loan for you

Together with our experts and our intuitive technology, we match your circumstances to your lending needs.

03. We do the work and settle your loan

We work with you and submit your application. We liase with the bank, finalise approval and organise settlement.

04. We keep looking after you

We provide valuable insight and support ongoing. We're looking for relationships, not transactions.

common home loan questions

How much does it cost to use the Fundd service?

It usually costs you nothing to use fundd to get your loan. This is because we are paid by the lender with who we align you with.

In nearly all refinances, we save you a ton of money and improve your financial situation. You literally make money from us working for you.

How is this possible? The lender’s profit share with us. They opt to do this as we do all the leg work and introduce you to them. This means the lender does not need to pay for home loan writers of their own and the administrative tasks stay with Fundd ongoing too.

In rare circumstances, we need to charge a fee. If this is the case we will tell you upfront why and how much this fee will be. A fee is usually systemic of a complex lending situation.

How much can I borrow?

Head over to our calculator’s page and check them out! We have the best calculators in the business. These, of course, are not a reflection of individual banks borrowing assessments.

We can complete an accurate borrowing assessment after you fill out the client centre and we get to know you better!

How do I get started?

You can start with either questionnaire on the home page, talking to us via our chat widget, email or phone us 🙂

Do I need a conveyancer?

Yes. Whether you’re buying or selling you will need one. Contact us and we will gladly recommend a professional based on your situation.

We do not get paid for our conveyancer recommendations or share any commission payments with any of our legal professionals.

How much is stamp duty?

Head over to our calculators page and use our stamp duty calculator! We have the best calculators in the business.


What discounts do first home buyers receive?

You may be eligible for stamp duty rebates, first home buyers grants, or other government schemes. It will depend on what state you are in. It is best to contact us and we will let you know!

What states do you help with loans?

Australia wide. We have offices in QLD & WA and we plan to open offices in other states very soon.

Irrespective of where we are located physically, we can connect with you from our office or home-based office and assist with any of your Australian lending needs!

Do I have to see you in person?

Definitely not. The coronavirus completely changed the way we did business. Although you will see us face to face at some stage, it will usually be done via google meets, zoom or skype!

We can still cater for an in-person meeting. It is best to call, chat first and then we will arrange a time that suits you!

Do I need to submit paperwork to get a loan?

Yes absolutely! Would you give someone a loan without getting to know them?

We will only collect the information we need. The information will be sensitive and personal so we will definitely take great care of it.

We do not want any physical documents sent to us as we will not return them back to you. Please only send us soft copies as part of the fact find through our client centre.

We utilize Cashdeck to securely collect your bank statements and our CRM Mercury will store all your personal information. Head over to our privacy policy and have a read.

Will you send a recommendation?

We’ll crunch all the data and make a recommendation that we believe best serves you.

We will send you a compliance document outlining why we recommended it and how it meets your needs!

At any time if you are unhappy with the recommendation, contact your broker or and we will review it!

We’re here to help

Our experts will help you search, choose and settle your home loan. Chat to one of our Home Loan Specialists at a time that suits you.